In Jerusalem:

The integration center is composed of three buildings with six floors each, with a total of 116 apartments, plus classrooms, a common room with a TV, a synagogue, a multilingual library, a cyber-room with Internet access, and a gym.

The one-room apartments for two and two-room apartments accommodating four

All include a kitchenette and a bathroom, and are modestly furnished with beds, chairs, a table and a desk. There is also adequate shelving and storage space.

Kosher lunches and dinners are served free of charge in the integration center dining room at fixed hours. Breakfasts are at the student’s expense.

In Haifa:

Lodging is provided in a building with one-room apartments for two, and four-room apartments accommodating four, all completely furnished. The apartments include a kitchen, a dinette, a bathroom and separate toilet. WiFi access is provided in all apartments.

The Ulpan building is a two-minute walk from the apartment building. It includes classrooms, and there are computers available for the students’ use.

This building has a cafeteria where lunch is served every day Breakfast and dinner are at the student’s expense.